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In this section, I will present you marketing materials for our products (brochures, posters, photos, presentations) and some educational documents about disinfection, cleaning, basics of microbiology, microscopy and international trade and logistics.


International Trade & Logistics

Are you aware of international trade procedures?

What are INCOTERMS 2020? What are the payment methods valid in international trade? What are the container types? How we track where the ships are sailing? For more interesting topics, visit this page.



GBL products for hemodialysis clinics...

What is hemodialysis ? How does work hemodialysis machine? What are the infection risks in a dialysis clinic?
Which products GBL offer for dialysis clinics and why? For 
more interesting topics, visit this page.


Disinfection & Cleaning

Basic terminology, crucial definitions and standard application in infection prevention procedures...

What are virus, bacteria, fungi and spores mean? What does it mean high-level disinfection? Why cleaning is import for high-level disinfectant efficiency? Are there standards for hand disinfection? Do we need protective equipment during cleaning and disinfection process? For more interesting topics, visit this page.



Stains, staining kit, reagents...Wellcome the to the world of microscopy!

So many different products for different applications. GBL offers you dozens of different reagents to suit your need. For more interesting topics, visit this page.



Clinical and industrial microbiology products...

Either a hospital or a factory, for the microbiological quality control of the speciments, you can order and use from GBL's vast product portfolio. Please click here for the trend topics about microbiology...

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