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What we export?

Medico-Surgical Instrument Cleaners & High-Level Disinfectants


When the matter is the maintenance, cleaning and high-level disinfection of your precious, sensitive medical devices (all kind of scopes especially endoscopes and surgical instruments), our products with different active ingredients such as aldehyde, ortho-phtalaldehydes, peracetic acid, quaternary ammonium compounds and various enzymes will help you achieve your disinfection, cleaning and maintenance goals economically. Please click for the product list.

Dialysis Machine Disinfectants


Citric acid and peracetic acid based formulae filled in special designed cans with 51 mm width mouth. Since 1998, GBL Citro Plus and GBL Peroxy Plus are being preferred by technical services world wide. We export regularly more than 20 countries world wide.  Thousands of cans being produced and distributed from far east Asia to Latin America. Please click for the product list.

Biocidal Products


GBL Gül Biyoloji Lab is also manufacturer and exporter of skin and hand disinfectants (Biocidal Products Type 1), floor and surface disinfectants (Biocidal Products Type 2). Our trademarks such Manochol, Manochol Gel, Manogel and Manohex are your closest friends when the matter is "surgical hand antisepsis". Surfacto product family for ready-to-use surface disinfectants and Lutaro concentrated floor disinfectants are completing our biocidal products family.  Please click for the product list.

Microscopy Stains & Staining Kit and Reagents


GBL Gül Biyoloji Laboratuvarı microscopy business unit manufacture quality reagents, stains, staining kit and reagents for andrology, bacteriology, citology, chemistry, hematology, microbiology, pathology laboratories.  Please email for the current product list.

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