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My Story

I am Mustafa Çetin Özbudun. I am founder and manager of Svet Foreign Trade. I have graduated from Lycée Saint Joseph Istanbul 1997 and Bosphorus University Tourism Administration 2001. I completed 6 months foreign trade certification program of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce University 2003. I completed 1 year economics post graduate program in Galatasaray University 2005. If you are interested in my C.V., please click for my LinkedIn profile.

After my graduation from university 2001, I started to work in GBL.  I worked in various departments (accounting, finance, quality management, foreign trade, marketing & sales), to learn the business.

My father, founder of the business, visionary man with big dreams, our sherpa forever, passed away 2011.

I took over the business. I had 2 options; a) to leave b) to continue. I chose the more difficult; to continue. During my work life in GBL, I had a lot of experience in managing a SME. I worked in depth for investment projects, foreign trade operations, quality management system foundation and audits.

I am general manager of GBL Gül Biyoloji Laboratuvarı, manufacturer of medical device disinfectants, biocidal products, laboratory test kits and reagents. GBL is my family business. My father Mr. Dr. Sait Hulusi Özbudun founded GBL 1990 to produce microbiology culture media. By time, to respond various demands of Turkish market, our product portfolio diversified from microbiology culture media to pathology reagents, from chemical reagents to biocidal products, from dialysis machine disinfectants to fertility test kits etc.

Milestones in brief during my sole management:


2011-2013: investment for microbiology unit

2013-2015: investment for disinfectants

2015: start of medical disinfectants export

  • Reached 30 countries within 7 years

  • Established long term repetitive order distributor relations with our distributors.

2019: separation of the business units

  1. Laboratory reagents: mainly for Turkish market

  2. Disinfectants: mainly for export market

2022: foundation of Svet Foreign Trade

I established Svet Foreign Trade Limited 24.01.2022. Svet means "light" in Slavic language family. I named my company Svet because of my beloved wife Svetlana.


My purposes to establish a new company specialized in foreign trade are;

  • to expand GBL's product portfolio,

    • by importing not-yet produced products by GBL

    • by supplying from other Turkish prestigious manufacturer & exporters

  • to decrease our raw materials cost by direct import of chemicals

  • to participate more international exhibitions

  • to develop closer business relations with our partners / distributors


By time, I also to plan to assist companies who want to enter Turkish market

  • with market analysis reports; competitors, prices, possible import, and distribution costs analysis.

  • investment reports: feasibility analysis, incentives, and regulations consultancy

  • Regulations: Turkish import data, regulations up to date to import without unexpected problems, certifications requested to register in Ministry of Health.


These works we already perform it regularly for our business success. We can offer you our expertise, experience, and knowledge about Turkish market.

For any question about our services, do not hesitate to contact me.

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