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Reputable Foreign Trade Agency for the following product groups;

Svet Foreign Trade Limited is export agent for the below product groups.


  1. Disinfectants for hemodialysis machines, medico-surgical instruments, endoscopes.

  2. Accessories for disinfectants; test strips, sprayers, pumps, bottles, soaking trays, wall mounted applicators.

  3. Cleaners and maintenance products for medico-surgical equipment and automatic endoscope reprocessors.

  4. Biocidal products such as skin and hand disinfectants, disinfectant liquid soaps, floor, and surface disinfectants.

  5. Microbiology products: ready-to-use culture media in various packaging, stains, staining kit, reagents, plastic consumables, cassette tests.

  6. Stains, staining kit, reagents, mounting media, fixatives, solvents, plastic consumables for andrology, cytology, pathology, bacteriology, microbiology, parasitology labs.​

  7. Chemical reagents; indicator, volumetric, buffer, pH, water total hardness and chlorine.​

  8. Surgical stains and reagents for chromoendoscopy, colposcopy and ophthalmology.

  9. ​OEM and PL reagents for hematology analyzer, urine chemistry analyzer, blood grouping analyzer.

You are importer & distributor & consumer of any of the above product groups?

Do you have questions in mind? Please email us. We will be glad to reply to your questions, email you our technical documents, send you samples if possible.

Svet Foreign Trade Limited is import agent for the below product groups.

  1. Disinfectant chemicals raw materials; especially active ingredients

  2. Certified stains for microscopy

  3. Analytical quality reagents used in the production of the above groups.

  4. Donor animal blood and sera.

  5. Dehydrated culture media.

  6. Devices used in clinical and industrial quality control labs

  7. Devices used in infection control units, operating rooms, endoscope reprocessing room.

  8. Other products that can complete our existing product portfolio.

If you are reputable supplier of the above products, please email us.

GBL Gül Biyoloji Lab

Founded 1990 by MD. Sait Hulusi Özbudun, GBL is one of the oldest and reputable manufacturer & exporter of medical and laboratory consumables in Turkey. GBL is an GMP, ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 13485: 2016 certified manufacturer whose products registered in Turkish Ministry of Health. GBL branded products are being used widely in Turkiye hospital since more than 20 years. Our export journey started 2015 and we already reached more than 20 countries world wide; from far east Asia to Latin America.


Mustafa Çetin Özbudun


I am managing partner and general manager of GBL. I founded Svet Foreign Trade Limited 2022 to focus more on export activities. My aim to build long lasting relationships with our current distributors, to assist them in their marketing and sales activities, to increase their sales volume and profit margin with GBL products and to reach more new countries.

I have graduated from business administation and I have a master degree in economics. I am international trade expert. I am highly interested in politics, economics, investment strategies. I play tennis in my spare time.

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