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Export agent for GBL Gül Biyoloji Laboratuvarı's products; 

  1. Disinfectants and cleaners for

    • Hemodialysis machines

    • Medico-surgical instruments

  2. Biocidal products;

    • Type 1: Skin and hand disinfectants

    • Type 2: Floor and surface disinfectants​

  3. Accessories for disinfectants

    • Test strips, pumps and sprayers, soaking trays, applicators

  4. ​Microscopy products: Reagents, stains, staining kit, mounting media, fixatives, solvents, plastic consumables​

  5. Chemical reagents: Indicator, buffer, volumetric, pH, water test kit (total hardness, chlorine)​

  6. Surgical stains and reagents

    1. Chromoendoscopy: Toluidine blue, Methylene blue, Isosulphane blue, Indigo Carmine, Indocyanine Green, Congo Red, Phenol Red, Acetic Acid, Lugol, Cresyl Violet, Crystal Violet etc.

    2. Colposcopy: Acetic acid, Schiller's Iodine, Lugo's solution, Monsel's solution etc.

    3. Ophthalmology: Trypan Blue

For any question about our services, do not hesitate to contact me.



GBL will exhibit in Arab Health 2024 29 Jan - 1 Feb 2024 | Dubai World Trade Centre. Please wellcome to our booth Z6.E16.

  • Export of medical and laboratory consumables.​

  • Import of medical and laboratory consumables.

  • Import of raw materials for pharma, medical and IVD industry.

  • Market research.

  • Representation activities.

  • Investment feasibility reports.



Please click to download latest GBL disinfectants catalogue.


Please click to download Svet Foreign Trade Lİmited presentation.

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